Thursday, December 4, 2014

Two New Paintings

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas season which is almost upon us. I have two new paintings below. These paintings are one of a kind original oil on Belgium Linen and would make a priceless gift for someone special, or for yourself.

The first, called One Last Look, is based upon a smaller study I previously had done. This beautiful Mule Deer buck takes one last intense look at the viewer before he bolts across the sagebrush. This painting uses soft, subtle light and tones, combined with thick applications of paint to capture the texture of the sagebrush. The composition gives the viewer a strong sense of direction and excitement.

The second painting is based upon a field study I did in the Absaroka Mountains in western Wyoming. This was such a peaceful area of incredible beauty. While I painted I could only hear some occasional birds and the sounds of the high country breeze. This painting captures the incredible distance and majesty of the Absarokas.

Contact me at to inquire about either of these two paintings. See more at Take care.


One Last Look
Oil on linen, 18"x24"
$3,500, framed.

Dunior Valley
Oil on linen, 16"x20"
$2,200, framed.

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