Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Among the Cottonwoods-Moose

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for taking a long time to post. I have been working on several paintings and when I get into painting, I often neglect other things like eating healthy, exercise, social life, and blog posts.

Below is one of my latest and probably one of my best wildlife paintings to date. I spent weeks doing preliminary studies and working out the composition, which is based on golden section proportions. I saw this scene at Gros Ventre Campground in Grand Teton National Park. It was the peak of autumn and the colors were blazing. A mother moose kept careful watch over her calf as they quietly walked among the golden cottonwoods on a perfect autumn morning.

This painting sings with sunlight and brilliant color. The eye dances through the pattern of the cottonwood trunks and rests on the moose before going back into the deeper part of the trees on the right side of the painting. The fallen branch on the left echoes the angle of the moose's body and neck. The foreground sage brush is created with thick strokes of impasto paint applied in an abstract manner which creates an interesting texture up close, but when the viewer steps back these strokes transform into the realistic look of sage. The large cottonwood trunks also echo the large feel of the moose while the small branches and leaves add variety of shape.

This painting would look beautiful over a fireplace, or gracing the walls of a log cabin or a vacation home, or impress your colleagues by hanging this in your office conference room. Contact Jason@JasonTako.com to inquire.

Among the Cottonwoods
24"x36", oil on linen.
$7,000 framed.

Contact Jason@JasonTako.com to inquire.