Wednesday, June 10, 2015

History Meets the Arts

Hello Everyone,

This Friday begins History Meets the Arts, an incredible show put on by Lord Nelson's Gallery in Gettysburg, PA. For those who have been there, you know the incredible quality of art at the show, created by some of best known artists in the genre, as well as the custom-made black-powdered long rifles, 18th century knifes, powder horns, furniture and historical books that are also exhibited and sold at the show.

I will be featuring a new set of paintings at this years exhibit. While many artists in the past have created narrative and landscape paintings based on the Lewis and Clark expedition, I have created a unique set of five paintings based on mammals that were scientifically discovered and documented on the Corps of Discovery Expedition.

This is a unique combination of wildlife art and historical art. And to emphasize this, I have hand-written in 19th century script, excerpts from the Lewis and Clark journals where they first describe these animals they experienced. These excerpts are written on parchment and mounted on foam-core for display with the corresponding painting. Each painting, as well as the descriptions can be viewed below.

This is a unique set of paintings for the wildlife art lover, and the elegant hand-written description give each painting a historical interest. Each painting is 11"x14", oil on linen panel, $1,200 separately or $5,000 for the entire set ($1,000 savings), each description is 8"x10" and is included with the price of the painting. I hope you will come to History Meets the Arts to see this one-of-a-kind collection of paintings and add them to your collection. If you cannot come to the show, but would like to add these paintings to your collection, contact Lord Nelson's Gallery at 1-800-664-9797, or email me at

Monday, June 1, 2015

Awards and Sales

Hello Everyone,

I'm honored to announce that my painting "Painted Paints" (see below) received the First Place Award at Plein Air Camp Hill! This years show had some of the strongest work ever in Camp Hill. My thanks to Dennis Akin, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA and judge of this years event, and to all the other artists who participated and created such beautiful work.

Along with First Place, my quick draw painting (see below) received the Plein Air Magazine Award of Excellence as well as the People's Choice Quick Draw Award. This was an incredible event for me, not only for the awards and sales, but even more for the fact that I stumbled onto something that has rarely been tried at Plein Air events, painting animals from life.

I will be showing a special exhibit of wildlife paintings based on the Lewis and Clark Expedition at History Meets the Arts, June 12-14th in Gettysburg, PA. Don't miss this incredible event. See more of my work at

Painted Paints
First Place Award Plein Air Camp Hill

Evening Paint

The Dentist's House
Plein Air Magazine Award of Excellence and People's Choice Award.

Sunset (not pictured due to the fact I couldn't get it photographed before it sold)

Jason with his quick draw painting in front of the subject.