Friday, January 25, 2013

Soft & Silent, oil on linen, 18"x24"

This is the final version of Soft & Silent; a beautiful stream right after snow fall. The stream carries your eye through all the subtle tones and variety of snow-covered tree branches and shrubs into a soft background obscured by the last of the falling snow flakes. All this is reflected in the trickling water which has not succumb yet to the effects of freezing. This photo of the painting does not show all the thick brushstrokes which catch the light and add a sparkling effect. It will be exhibited for the first time at the NatureWorks Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma Feb 28-March 3, 2013.

Soft & Silent
Oil on linen, 18"x24"
$3,000, framed. Contact Jason at to inquire.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Autumn Maple, oil on linen, 24"x50"

This is the final painting for my compositional concept of Autumn Maple. This powerful and beautiful painting combines the glorious and intense colors of autumn with the peacefulness of the wetland. The waters reflect the Maple's colors and the line of cattails create harmony with the horizontal format of the composition. This depicts a place we all would like to be, perhaps fishing in the pond, or just relaxing and enjoying the spectacle of nature's colors. This large painting, 24"x50", is framed in a beautiful gold colored frame with red undertones. It would make a stunning painting to put over a couch or perhaps in an office or game room.

Autumn Maple
oil on linen, 24"x50"
$7,770, framed. Contact Jason at to inquire.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Study for Red Reflections, oil on linen panel, 14"x11"

This painting was inspired by a trip I took this last Autumn to French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania. The colors there were beautiful, a fiery mixture of reds and oranges offset by some still green trees. I set up on the lake shore and created a field study since I knew a camera would not capture the colors as my eye was seeing them. The experience was very peaceful and was enhanced by the distant honking of geese and the calls of songbirds that had not yet migrated south. I used that field study to create this studio study.

Study for Red Reflections
oil on linen panel, 14"x11"
$1,200, framed. Contact Jason at to inquire.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tree Shadows, oil on linen, 24"x36"

When I saw this barn I was captivated by the play of light and shadows from the trees. There is so much foliage around this structure that you can barely see it during the summer. Some of the foliage I removed in the painting. One of the beautiful things about winter is all the bare trees reveal certain visual treasures that are covered up during the summer. I did a small field study of this barn last winter, and then worked up numerous sketches before I finally settled on a composition I liked. This is my first completed painting for 2013.

Tree Shadows
oil on linen, 24"x36"
$6,000, framed. Contact Jason at to inquire.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Learning from a Master

This is a photograph of Master Landscape Artist Scott Christensen and myself taken in Victor, Idaho in the summer of 2011. In this photograph Scott is making adjustments to a plein air painting I was working on and demonstrating some of the eye-opening concepts that helped change the way I paint and lead to much improved paintings on my part and numerous awards.

One of my joys is passing on these concepts that Scott passed on to me, and I will be doing this in the upcoming workshops that I will be teaching or in the private instruction that I offer in my studio. I will be offering a workshop at the prestigious Easton Studio & School April 26-28, 9am-4pm, cost is $400. You can sign up for this workshop by clicking here: I will also be teaching a workshop at Art & Soul Gallery in Lemoyne, PA, this coming Spring. Details are still being worked out, but you can contact Art & Soul Gallery at 717-761-1270 to inquire on further details. I hope to see you there and help you become the best artist you can be.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Study for Soft & Silent, oil on linen panel, 9"x12"

This beautiful painting has become available for purchase. It shows the subtle and quiet beauty of a recent snowfall, were only the slight trickle of the stream can be heard. The entire painting was done with just 3 pure primary pigments colors and white. A beautiful red undertone provides the color support for the subtle nuetral tones that recede into the quiet distance. Contact Jason to inquire about this beautiful piece.

Study for Soft & Silent
Oil on linen panel, 9"x12"
$1,000, framed. Contact Jason at to inquire.
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