Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Painting-Ozark Mountain Barn

Hello Everyone,

This last March, I was stuck in Tulsa, Oklahoma for one extra day after the NatureWorks Show due to a massive snow storm that moved through the South. On my way back I had to drive through the Ozark Mountains which were covered with snow. I made a few detours to take photographs of the beauty that the snow created.

This painting is one of the scenes I encountered that day. The red of the barn is complimented by the blueish/green doors, while the trees provide depth and interest. The arrangement of the cows compliments the horizontal format of the composition and lead the eye to the barn. The digital photo can't due justice to all the color subtlety, brushwork, and texture, but this painting is one of my best landscape paintings to date. Contact me at to inquire about adding this piece to your collection.

Don't forget about History Meets the Arts which starts this Thursday evening and runs through Saturday.

Ozark Mountain Barn
12"x24", oil on linen
$2,500, framed.
Contact Jason at to inquire.
See more at

Monday, June 9, 2014

History Meets the Arts this Week!

History Meets the Arts starts this Thursday night! This is the historical art event on the East Coast. Come and see some of the nations top historical, wildlife and landscape artists at this prestigious and exciting event. I could go on and on about the incredible art, sculptures, replicas of 18th century furniture, firearms, knives, great food, and so on. But to get a good visual taste of the show, click on this link and scroll down to watch the short video to see what you can experience at History Meets the Arts. I'll be there with new work in the Ballroom of the Gettysburg College, and I'll be giving several talks about painting outdoors. I'll see you there.

Cautiously Curious sold last week to a very prominent wildlife art collector. While it's too late to add this painting to your collection, I have a new painting posted below called Appalachian Stream. This is based on a beautiful trickling stream in the Appalachian Mountains within walking distance from the famous Appalachian Trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. The vertical format emphasizes the tall trees that inhabit these mountains. See more at

Appalachian Stream
Oil on linen panel, 14"x11"
$1,200, framed
Contact Jason at to inquire.

Cautiously Curious
Oil on linen, 12"x24"
$2,500, SOLD