Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hello Everyone,

I spent the first few days of my time in Colorado watching the elk engage in the annual ritual of the rut. This ritual includes bulls forming "harems" of cows, nervously guarding those cows, stealing cows from other harems, and bugling back and forth either to warn other bulls to stay away, or to announce their approach. I also had the privilege of seeing a few antler clashes between bulls. These magnificent creatures are incredible to watch this time of year, and it could be downright comical at times if the elk were not so majestic.

Below are two paintings inspired by my experience. The first shows a bull seeking out another bull who is calling in the distance. This bull most likely thinks he can steal a cow or two from the other bull's harem.

The second painting shows a lone bull in the meadow calling out in the evening light. Most likely his group of cows is behind him and he is giving a warning call to any others who would dare to take from him.

Answering the Call
Oil on linen panel, 12x16
$1,500, framed.

Meadow Monarch
Oil on linen panel, 12x16
$1,500, framed.

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