Thursday, January 10, 2013

Study for Red Reflections, oil on linen panel, 14"x11"

This painting was inspired by a trip I took this last Autumn to French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania. The colors there were beautiful, a fiery mixture of reds and oranges offset by some still green trees. I set up on the lake shore and created a field study since I knew a camera would not capture the colors as my eye was seeing them. The experience was very peaceful and was enhanced by the distant honking of geese and the calls of songbirds that had not yet migrated south. I used that field study to create this studio study.

Study for Red Reflections
oil on linen panel, 14"x11"
$1,200, framed. Contact Jason at to inquire.

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Anonymous said...

what would the study cost? I recall liking it in your studio. Fr. Mark