Monday, April 8, 2013

Guided Brush Sessions!!!

Jason painting en plein air at Gettysburg National Park

Spring is here!! This is the time of year when the excitement of outdoor painting (plein air painting) begins to occupy the minds of landscape artists. But it can be a challenge to capture those fleeting outdoor moments, or recreate them in the studio. Perhaps you have always wanted to take a workshop but your schedule always gets in the way. Perhaps you have always desired the one-on-one instruction that a workshop cannot provide. Perhaps you feel stuck and are not sure what you need to to do to continue your artistic growth. Then consider taking a Guided Brush Session with me.

The focus of this one-on-one session will be you and your artistic growth. We can work indoors, outdoors, tackle a challenge, critique your work, etc. Sessions can be tailored to your schedule. Most of all you will have fun while you learn a lot. There is no contract, just email and set up a time. Come as often as you like. The cost is only $25/hour. Contact me at to learn more!

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