Thursday, May 2, 2013

Save a barn and take one home

Barns are a testament to American culture. They provide shelter for farm animals, equipment, food, and a means of self-sufficiency. They also compliment the countryside with a unique, man-made beauty. Sadly, many of these nostalgic structures have given way to wind, abandonment, and development.
Historic Gettysburg Adams County Inc. works to preserve barns in the Adams County, PA area with fundraisers, grants, registries, and more. I will be teaming up with Lord Nelson's Gallery and the HGAC this Saturday to raise funds for barn preservation.

Come to Lord Nelson's at 27 Chambersburg Street in Gettysburg this Saturday from noon to 6 pm to watch me create a barn painting that will be auctioned off for the HGAC. All proceeds from the auction will go directly to HGAC.  Additionally, 20% of all sales of my work during the month of May will be donated to the HGAC. Be sure to come this Saturday, there will be food, fun and I will be showing my painting technique step by step. Come save a barn by taking one home with you-in a painting of course. Go to Lord Nelson's Gallery for more details.

Distant Fields
oil on linen, 12"x24"
$2,000, framed. Contact Lord Nelson's at 1-800-664-9797 to inquire.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, Can't believe you were in Gettysburg today. So were we! I'm sorry we missed you. How are you and your family? We will try to come to Camp Hill next weekend-most likely Sunday. Will you be there Sunday? If not, I hope to see you, Becky and your kids soon.

Chris Thomas
717-676-1179 - cell