Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saving barns isn't a one-time event.

In front of my paintings, on the left are members of HGAC, I'm in the middle (with the green shirt) with the Lord Nelson's crew to the right of me.
As some of you know, this last Saturday was a great time at Lord Nelson's Gallery in Gettysburg, PA. Around noon I set up for my demonstration and began the first strokes of my painting (after Marsha fed me with some of Lord Nelson's delicious chocolate chip cookies). The barn in the painting is a potential restoration grant recipient from Historic Gettysburg Adams County. HGAC's mission is to preserve original and classic Pennsylvania barns. They make this possible through grants and fundraisers.
This last Saturday, HGAC had several information booths set up at Lord Nelson's. There was food, wine and live music by Dan Diviney, a flute player from New Oxford, as well as the silent auction for the painting pictured below; not to mention all the beautiful artwork by world renown historical, wildlife and landscape artists. It was a wonderful event!
You can still participate in this fundraiser and add beautiful artwork to your collection. Twenty percent of the price of any of my paintings sold at Lord Nelson's Gallery during the month of May will be donated to the HGAC to help this fine organization in its efforts to preserve the classic barns of Gettysburg and Adams County.
If you missed this event, don't miss History Meet the Arts this coming June 13th-15th!
The first strokes of my painting. I'm using thinned down burnt sienna to create the outlines of my design.

The block-in pictured here helps me establish my color harmony and values.
The finished painting.

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